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There’s a long list of things that can go wrong in any home or business – clogged toilets and shower drains, cracked or leaking sinks or pipes, and broken water heaters leaving you with cold water. We’ve seen just about everything, and we know how to fix it all! We offer guaranteed estimates for almost any plumbing service—the price we quote will be the price you pay. When a plumbing problem occurs in your home or place of business, call us for fast, professional service and quick resolutions to any plumbing issues.

Our plumbing contractors service Birmingham area homeowners, property managers, restaurants, churches, schools, commercial office buildings, and commercial facilities with their plumbing needs.

Need an Emergency Plumber? From A Clogged Drain to A Major Repair, Guin is Here for You!

At Guin Service, our philosophy is simple. We believe in superior service at a reasonable price, performed in a timely manner. When a plunger just won’t do the job, call us to get a move on. Whether you need assistance with blocked sink drains, new plumbing fixture installations, or total drain system inspections, Guin Service is here to provide quality work to residents of Birmingham, AL.

Read on below for more details about our plumbing services. To schedule a service call or get help with a plumbing emergency, reach out now and get connected to a professional plumber in Birmingham.


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Checkout our financing options!

Very courteous and respectful. Also liked that they wore a mask when coming in close contact with customer. Would recommend.

- Parrish

We specialize in high-efficiency water heaters to create a more energy-efficient space for your home and/or business, saving you money over time. High-efficiency water heaters can pertain to several different types of water heaters. Most commonly, a high-efficiency water heater is used to describe energy-efficient water heaters, but it can also apply to tankless water heaters as well.

Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters – as the name indicates – obviously lack a tank that is used to store heated water. This means when you have a tankless water heater installed at your home or business, you’ll be paying less in energy bills, but you’ll also have the added benefit of more on-demand hot water.

Water heaters with tanks can only provide so much hot water! After several uses, most of the hot water will turn lukewarm or tepid. Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water and can provide more hot water to your home than a traditional water heater. This makes a tankless high-efficiency water heater one of the most popular plumbing improvements most homeowners will make to their properties as it improves comfort and helps reduce overall monthly expenses.

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bath with brand new plumbing fixtures, or just installing a new sink or disposal, we can handle all your plumbing needs. We take pride in our work and strive every day for perfect customer satisfaction.

At Guin Service, we know that finding the right plumber for your home remodeling project can be a stressful decision to make. After all, picking the wrong contractor or one that lacks the necessary experience can result in expensive repairs further down the line, which almost negates the benefit of the remodel in the first place. Our team of plumbers at Guin Service have over six decades of experience and can assist with projects large and small. We have the experience, skill, and workforce necessary to not only complete your project successfully and up to code but also in a timely and efficient manner. Don’t believe us? Ask us for references and reviews from many Birmingham homeowners we have served over the last 60 years. Become a satisfied customer today!

Some types of plastic piping can cause ongoing maintenance problems and actually lower the value of your home at resale. This is especially true for people who have properties that might still be using lead pipes as well.

In the cases of pipes made out of hazardous materials, pipes that have been poorly installed, or pipes that use lackluster materials, repiping is often the best option to address these issues. Guin Service effortlessly handles a wide variety of repiping projects including both commercial and residential. From whole-house repiping to smaller repiping projects for businesses or apartments, our team members are experts and have mastered these types of projects.

We handle every project with care and efficiency, striving to create as little disturbance to the home or property as possible as we work with you to get the project done. If you notice leaks or standing water in your home and you need to undergo repiping, don’t put it off any longer! Call us now or fill out our contact us form and let us know how we can help you with your drain pipe issue.

Saving water is good for the environment and can significantly reduce your home or businesses’ utility bills. At Guin Service, we sell and service high-quality, high-efficiency toilets, the latest shower heads, and water taps as well as offer complete plumbing system reviews to detect and eliminate water leaks. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort or reliability to save water. Call us today to learn more about environmentally responsible steps you can take to update your plumbing system.

For homeowners who have noticed a decline in water pressure and pipe efficiency, Guin Service can help! Whether you need help identifying a clog near your sewer lines or if you need help clearing roots from your pipes, we can assist. Are you dealing with a blocked pipe or stubborn kitchen sink clog? There’s no need for harsh chemicals. Instead, you can slowly pour boiling water and a simple mixture of baking soda, and white vinegar down the affected drain. This will often do the trick. If not, our drain snake is able to unclog drains quickly and effectively.

Our commercial and residential plumbers effortlessly pinpoint and fix clogged drains or pipes that need cleaning, repairing, or replacing. We use a state-of-the-art camera system to explore your sewer. From there, we can identify the problem and bring about a resolution. Our team of plumbers is here and ready to help you with your sewer cleaning, repairing, and even replacing needs. Contact us today for more information and meet with a master plumber in no time!

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