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Faucet Repair and Installation
in Birmingham, AL

Flawless Fixtures & Flowing Faucets

Top-Rated Faucet Repair & Installation in Birmingham, AL

Your kitchen or bathroom sink is an integral part of your daily life–serving as the place where you prep your meals and do your nighttime routine with the kids. While a well-crafted sink and elegant faucet can enhance the aesthetics and function of your kitchen or bathroom, a broken faucet can seriously disrupt your everyday routine.

At Guin Service, we offer the seasoned expertise needed to identify the root causes of faucet issues, select the right fixtures, and execute an immaculate installation that you can take pride in.

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Richard Walton's Rating
Richard and Austin came to do a plumbing repair. They were SUPER professional and extremely courteous. I am a repeat customer, and I don’t have to guess who I am going to call. I request Richard McDonald every time. He knows my house, and its quirky way it has. Thank you for another great job! Richard Walton
Josh Cooley's Rating
My experiences with Guin have been excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are problem solvers and seem happy to help, whereas some other companies I have dealt with (Roto-rooter in particular) have salivated at every opportunity to rake me over the coals and charge often double what things should cost. Highly recommended. Josh Cooley
Joan B.'s Rating
This company examined my A/C system for any issues. They were honest and professional. They didn’t use any high tech selling methods. They did exactly what initially was told to me. I decided to let Guin manage my system for future maintenance. I felt like this company cares about customers and that choosing them was a very good choice among several other companies. The technicians were super nice and explained any concerns that I had. Joan B.

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Faucet Repair & Installation FAQs

Why does my faucet drip even when I turn it off?
A worn-out or damaged washer within the faucet can cause a persistent drip. Over time, these components can degrade, leading to leaks. Our faucet services include identifying and replacing faulty parts to stop the annoying drip.
How do I know if I have a faucet leak?
Signs of a leaky faucet include water pooling, higher water bills, or visible water damage. If you suspect a leak, our professionals can conduct a thorough inspection to pinpoint the issue and provide prompt repair solutions.
Can you upgrade my old faucet with a new one?
Absolutely! Whether you want a modern design, improved functionality, or better water efficiency, our faucet services include expert installations. We can guide you through choosing a new faucet and ensure a seamless upgrade to enhance your kitchen or bathroom.
Faucet Repair & Installation Services in Birmingham

Faucet Repair & Installation Services in Birmingham

  • Faucet Repair
    If you're facing issues like a leaking faucet, a dripping handle, or reduced water flow, we're here to help. We'll diagnose the problem and efficiently carry out the necessary repairs.

    With an eye for detail and the right tools, we'll have your faucet working like new in no time. Our Guin plumbers quickly repair a leaky faucet and more, saving you from unnecessary water wastage and potential damage.
  • Faucet Installation 
    Professional faucet installation is crucial for those looking to upgrade or replace their faucets. Our team at Guin Service understands the importance of a seamless installation process. We're ready to assist with any remodeling project. 

    Our experts will help you select the perfect faucet to complement your design. Guin professionals securely install the faucet, ensuring it is free from leaks and it functions flawlessly. Our commitment to precision and quality craftsmanship guarantees a faucet installation that meets your expectations.
  • Faucet Replacement 
    When it's time to replace an old or malfunctioning faucet, Guin Service is your trusted partner. Faucet replacement involves more than just swapping out the hardware and faucet handles. Our plumbers will remove the old faucet, check for damage, and make sure the new one fits correctly. 

    We have many types of faucet choices to match your style and needs. We offer a wide range of faucet options to suit your preferences and requirements. Our team will efficiently replace your faucet, leaving you with a dependable and visually appealing one. This will enhance both the appearance and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom.
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Even the minor details within your home can significantly influence the convenience and comfort of your daily life. Ensure your residential plumbing fixtures are in top-quality condition with our trusted residential faucet services by Guin Service. Don't let faucet problems disrupt your daily routines—get in touch with us today to schedule a professional installation or repair.