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Ductless Air Conditioner Services
in Birmingham, AL

Your Home’s Temperature at Your Fingertips

Ductless System Services in Birmingham, AL

Keeping your home and your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter is our mission, and having a ductless heating and cooling system that works properly isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. Without a mini-split system, you may face expensive electric bills and drafty rooms. Fortunately, ductless systems provide control over your home’s temperature and a boost in your home’s efficiency. 

In ducted cooling and heating systems, warm or cool air is circulated via ductwork. A ductless air conditioner utilizes small air handlers to heat or cool specific areas of your home instead. With outdoor and indoor units working together, a mini-split system is both a heating and cooling system that lets you control the temperature in specific rooms or spaces in your home. The two main components of a ductless mini-split system include one outdoor unit (the compressor/condenser) and at least one wall-mounted indoor unit connected by the refrigerant tubing and wiring. The indoor air-handling unit is also known as the evaporator.

Benefits of ductless mini split air conditioners include:
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet and energy-efficient
  • Lets you control different temperatures in different rooms
  • Connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit
  • Great for room additions and renovations

To learn more about how you can benefit from a ductless system, call (205) 595-4846 or contact us online now. Whether you need multiple indoor units or a new outdoor compressor, we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for your needs!
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Richard Walton's Rating
Richard and Austin came to do a plumbing repair. They were SUPER professional and extremely courteous. I am a repeat customer, and I don’t have to guess who I am going to call. I request Richard McDonald every time. He knows my house, and its quirky way it has. Thank you for another great job! Richard Walton
Josh Cooley's Rating
My experiences with Guin have been excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are problem solvers and seem happy to help, whereas some other companies I have dealt with (Roto-rooter in particular) have salivated at every opportunity to rake me over the coals and charge often double what things should cost. Highly recommended. Josh Cooley
Joan B.'s Rating
This company examined my A/C system for any issues. They were honest and professional. They didn’t use any high tech selling methods. They did exactly what initially was told to me. I decided to let Guin manage my system for future maintenance. I felt like this company cares about customers and that choosing them was a very good choice among several other companies. The technicians were super nice and explained any concerns that I had. Joan B.

Helpful Information

Ductless HVAC Services in Birmingham

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation, Repair, & Replacement Services for Indoor and Outdoor Units
Did you know duct losses can cause up to 30% more energy consumption in central heating and cooling systems? This is especially true if the ducts are located in the attic or basement. Mini-splits offer a way to prevent this energy loss. Ductless mini-split systems are also great solutions to heat or cool individual rooms where installing distribution ductwork is not an option.

Ductless systems also use inverter-driven compressors to speed up and slow down based on the temperature settings instead of shutting off entirely like traditional HVAC compressors.

Whether you’re ready to install a ductless air conditioner or you already have one that needs repair or maintenance, enlisting a trusted professional to perform the work is crucial. At Guin, our professionals will come out to your home or business, diagnose the issue, and fix the problem so that your family or team can remain comfortable. We are a factory-authorized dealer for Bryant Ductless, and we are certified to repair many ductless brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Gree.

We’re ready to get the job done right as soon as you need us.
How Much Do Ductless Split Systems Cost?
If you’re considering upgrading to a ductless system, you should know that the cost of a ductless mini-split air conditioning system can vary greatly depending on your needs.
  • Will the system be an add-on, or will it heat and cool your entire home? The more square footage, the larger and more costly your system will be.
  • How energy-efficient do you want your system to be? While higher efficiency typically means a higher price initially, many see this as an investment with lower energy bills to follow.

While we offer Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, we can help you choose the most suitable system for your needs. These systems include:
  • Evolution™ Ductless Systems
  • Preferred™ Series Ductless Systems
  • Legacy™ Line Ductless Systems
  • Preferred™ Series Light Commercial Ductless Systems
Finding an Experienced Professional to Install Your Ductless System
Ductless air conditioners are used in various residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. When you’re ready to install your ductless air conditioner, you need a licensed and qualified professional. Using an inexperienced contractor could lead to an improper installation that may not only void your warranty but cause damage to the equipment itself.

When you choose Guin Service in Birmingham, AL, you choose a Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems Factory Authorized Dealer. We’ve been serving the Birmingham area and surrounding communities since 1958 and have been a leader in the HVAC industry ever since. You can trust that our professional team will provide you with only the best customer service while making sure you’re absolutely satisfied with our work.

Save Big All Year Long with a Ductless System from Guin

Are you ready to prevent energy losses and stop relying on space heaters and bulky window units to stay comfortable? Guin Service is proud to serve the Birmingham area and surrounding communities. You can trust that your family’s comfort and safety is always our top priority. Call us at (205) 595-4846 or contact us online to schedule service now.