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Stay Warm All Winter Long with Guin Service

Birmingham’s Renowned Heating Contractor

Hiring the right heating contractor can make the difference between a frigid winter and a cozy one! The right heating professional can ensure your home heating system limits the cost of your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort. They’ll also have tips and tricks for prolonging the lifespan of your appliance. If you’re experiencing higher heating bills than usual or your heater, furnace, or ductless mini-split system is not operating like it once was, call Guin Service for comprehensive assistance.

As the first choice for a heating contractor in Birmingham and its surrounding communities, Guin Service is the heating and cooling company name you can trust. Whether you need a commercial heating contractor or a residential service professional, our team meets the highest professional standards for excellence. We provide energy-efficient heating solutions that guarantee a comfortable indoor temperature even during the coldest months of the year. For affordable rates and the highest quality of service, call Guin Service in Birmingham, AL!

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Hear From Our Customers

Richard Walton's Rating
Richard and Austin came to do a plumbing repair. They were SUPER professional and extremely courteous. I am a repeat customer, and I don’t have to guess who I am going to call. I request Richard McDonald every time. He knows my house, and its quirky way it has. Thank you for another great job! Richard Walton
Josh Cooley's Rating
My experiences with Guin have been excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are problem solvers and seem happy to help, whereas some other companies I have dealt with (Roto-rooter in particular) have salivated at every opportunity to rake me over the coals and charge often double what things should cost. Highly recommended. Josh Cooley
Joan B.'s Rating
This company examined my A/C system for any issues. They were honest and professional. They didn’t use any high tech selling methods. They did exactly what initially was told to me. I decided to let Guin manage my system for future maintenance. I felt like this company cares about customers and that choosing them was a very good choice among several other companies. The technicians were super nice and explained any concerns that I had. Joan B.

Helpful Information

Heating Services in Birmingham

Residential Heating Repair and Maintenance
Our trained repair and service technicians can handle any residential heating repair, maintenance, or installation need. From licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs to emergency heating services and more, we strive to ensure our customers are met with the best available heating services. We also offer our very own Guin Guard plan, which ensures your entire HVAC system remains adequately maintained throughout the year. We can even help extend the lifespan of your home heating fixture.
Residential Installation
Your heating system is one of the most significant contributors to your winter energy bill. To save you money, Guin Service installs high-efficiency comfort systems to save you money at the time of year you need it most. With our installations, you get the same great comfort and warmth through winter, but with less of a monthly bill. We install natural gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, or any other type of residential heating and cooling system you need in the Birmingham area and beyond.
Commercial Heating and Cooling System
Whether your commercial heating needs pertain to maintenance, repair, or installing new energy-efficient heaters, Guin Service is your one-stop shop. Our commercial heating professionals can assist you with all your HVAC needs. We have decades of experience enhancing the comfort of Birmingham businesses with powerful yet energy-efficient commercial heaters. We offer regular maintenance, warranty compliances, and repairs. Plus, our commercial maintenance agreement will ensure your system keeps operating throughout the year—without costing you extra money in avoidable energy fees.
Heating System Design and Installation
We're here for you if you need custom work or assistance choosing or installing the right commercial heater for your business. We install and design any heating and air filtration system for commercial properties, including offices, hospitals, and more. We can even retrofit older buildings with new high-energy efficiency heating systems, helping to both improve comfort and reduce overall energy bills. We install heating systems for new construction projects as well. If you need a reliable commercial heating contractor, contact us today and let our team know what we can do to help you with your next project.
Indoor Air Quality
Did you know one of the most critical aspects of your commercial business is indoor air quality control? In some places, indoor air quality can have more pollutants than outside air, so ensuring your business has the highest quality air possible is crucial. Your customers and employees will thank you for the effort to improve the air they breathe for most of the day. If you want to reduce dust levels, remove contaminants, and provide the proper humidity level in your commercial building—we can help. We improve air quality for both commercial and residential customers.
Air Quality Product Installation
Our indoor air quality solutions ensure our customers can breathe easily. Our technicians handle the installations of air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and even air-decontaminating UV lamps. We can even detect and pinpoint the source of CO2 levels inside your commercial property. Learn more about our air quality services here and discover how this can help our commercial customers!
Carbon Monoxide Detection
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, invisible, tasteless gas with no odor. It can build up in your home or business and result in health issues such as headaches and, in rare cases, severe health problems. Guin Services’ technicians know how to test for carbon monoxide and can help resolve any leaks found on your property. Whether the leaks are caused by faulty equipment, poor installation, or typical wear and tear, we can mitigate the issue and ensure the air in your home or commercial property remains safe. Call Guin Service today to schedule a service call and learn more about carbon monoxide detection.
Keeping Your Family Safe & Sound with Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Keeping Your Family Safe & Sound with Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you than outdoor pollution! Clean indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates, and contaminants, along with the right humidity level, is vital for daily health and comfort.

Guin’s indoor air quality solutions ensure that the air you breathe indoors is as healthy as possible. Our technicians install air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, and air de-contaminating UV Lamps. In addition, our team can test for carbon monoxide to address potential leaks and faulty equipment. Call today to schedule a service call and breathe fresher, cleaner air.

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