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How to prepare your home against the dangers of tornado season

Few things on Earth can cause more damage than a tornado. Here at Guin Service, we aim to protect the citizens of Birmingham from the worst that tornado season has to offer. Preparing your plumbing, HVAC, and power systems for a tornado can make all the difference in a life or death situation. 

For today’s blog, we’re going to review what we can do to prevent catastrophe in the event that a tornado should strike. Then we’ll talk about the importance of keeping a generator handy as severe weather tears through power lines and stations throughout Alabama. 

Preparing For Tornado Season: The Basics

At an average of 47 tornadoes per year, Birmingham experiences its share of tornadoes. More importantly, the lion’s share of these tornadoes occur in a condensed period of time, which we call tornado season—and that time is now. 

That’s why our professional service providers here at Guin are here to help. 

General Home, Plumbing & HVAC Preparedness

There are a few essential items of general home preparedness. Have a space carved out for tornado warnings, such as a secluded area of the basement or, more preferably, an underground den or bunker. Keep your home stocked with nonperishable goods. Fortify your home, especially the windows and all other glass enclosures. There are plenty of checklists on the web that can help you in this capacity. 

When it comes to plumbing and HVAC, there are three major items that Guin’s professionals focus on first:

  1. Secure your HVAC unit: Wind, rain, and hail alone can do damage, particularly to the condenser unit. 
  2. Install a surge protector: Your entire HVAC system depends on the proper flow of power. Severe weather will test your electrical box. 
  3. Check your pipes and outdoor plumbing: Anything exposed is at risk. Tornado winds can rip up plumbing like blades of grass under a lawn mower. Old, unsecured plumbing mechanisms will succumb to winds of even the weakest tornadoes. 

It’s imperative that you ensure the integrity of these items. The best idea is to set up some time with one of our professionals. As experts in tornado preparedness, Guin Service has turned the most exposed homes in Alabama into fortresses.  

Generators: The Essential Item For Tornado Preparedness

Come springtime, severe weather threatens power for millions of homes. Bad storms can knock out power for tens if not hundreds of thousands of homes. Tornadoes, while not quite as widespread, are all but certain to knock out the power of any home in its path. 

You never know how long you might be trapped down in your basement or den. Storms and tornado warnings can last the whole night. Or worse, storm damage can leave a pile of debris blocking exits until city workers can come to help. The last thing you need when hunkered down is for the power to go out. 

Generators are still important when power outages are short lived. It might sound easy to make it through a couple of hours without power. Try doing so when you’re worried that a tornado might strike at any moment. Staying apprised of the latest weather developments can help you both logistically and mentally. Without a generator, when the power goes out, you won’t know when the storm might approach, end, or get worse. 

Generac: The Number One Selling Generator

For this very reason, Guin Service provides Generac’s number one selling home generator. We work with Generac to deliver their top-of-the-line generators to your door. Our professional installation technicians will then have them installed in the most optimal areas of your home. 

As tornado season gets into gear, it’s essential that you get your home into shape. In preparing your home, you will also find that you are more prepared mentally, should disaster strike. Don’t take any chances this year. Give us a call to get a consultation on tornado preparedness and Alabama’s number one Generac generator. 

Guin Service: Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services in the Birmingham area

Contact Guin Service, LLC, serving Birmingham, Hoover, and Mountain Brook, AL, to prepare your home for tornado season. We’ve been in business for 60 years because we do what’s suitable for our customers. You can always trust us to be honest and have your best interest in mind. Just give us a call today at 205.407.1737.

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