4 Easy Ways To Prep For Power Outages

With tornado season incoming, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for power outages. When the power goes down, everything in your home stops dead in its tracks– the AC unit shuts off, your refrigerated goods start spoiling, and the lights fade away.

And if you aren’t prepared, a power outage can put your family’s health and safety at serious risk. But we don’t want that to happen to you!

To help you stay safe and ready for tornado season, we’re sharing a few helpful tips you can start using right now. Here are 4 easy ways to prep for power outages, from your friends at Guin.

Tip #1: Stock up on batteries, flashlights, candles, and matches to stay out of the dark

Everything is much harder to do when it’s dark and you can’t see, especially walking down the stairs. 

So keep a few flashlights and candles around the house in easy-to-find spots for quick, emergency lighting during outages. And remember to stock up on batteries and matches.

We also recommend keeping a few portable battery chargers for mobile devices, so that you can stay connected and tuned in for emergency updates.

Tip #2: Load up on water, canned goods, and shelf-stable food

With a generator, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your refrigerator or stove during a power outage. 

But either way, it always helps to have a healthy supply of shelf-stable food and drinks to keep you and your family energized. Because if you lose power, the last thing you want is all your food going bad.

A few things to include in your pantry are:

  • Water
  • Bread
  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Tuna
  • Canned goods (beans, veggies, fruit)
  • Chips and crackers

Tip #3: Install a home standby generator for on-demand power during outages and natural disasters

Having a standby generator installed keeps your lights, appliances, and HVAC unit running when they’d otherwise be shut down from a power surge. This can be the difference between staying fed and comfortable or suffering through a natural disaster. 

With a generator, you get peace of mind knowing your home is prepared for any situation.

Tip #4: Keep your generator running at peak performance with regular maintenance

If you have a generator installed in your home now, then you’re already reaping the benefits of on-demand emergency power. But if you want to make sure your generator keeps working strong year after year, then regular maintenance is the answer.

At Guin, we offer generator repair and maintenance services that help keep your generator running as long, and efficiently as possible. Get the most out of your investment, and increase the lifespan of your generator with regular maintenance.


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