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3 Ways To Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair This Summer

With record high temperatures, the summer is not the season to experience a breakdown of your air conditioning unit. While you may be tempted to DIY your air conditioning repair just to get by, 100-degree weather is not the time for faulty, temporary solutions!  

Are you debating whether it’s time to call a professional HVAC company to get cool air? This guide from our Guin Service HVAC experts will highlight common AC repair and service problems, so you can begin troubleshooting and beat the summer heat! 

What To Do When Your Air Conditioning…


1. Runs with Limited Airflow

If your air conditioning system is running, but there isn’t much airflow, start by inspecting the air filter. If you haven’t replaced your filter in several months, or it appears dusty or dirty, you may want to remove it and install a new one. After, ensure that nothing obstructs the vents on your system’s outdoor HVAC system. It’s easy for fallen leaves and objects to block the fan grille, so check for debris often.

Pro tip: If you cannot fix the issue with these steps, then it is time for you to call in certified technicians!

2. Continually Restarts

When air conditioning units stop and start without cooling down the whole property, this is usually a sign that your unit is short-cycling. The problem may be that you have to move your thermostat or recalibrate it. Sometimes you may find the filter is so dirty that the blower motor shuts off.  However, the root cause could be an electrical issue. Jobs like this will require a professional to safely inspect the HVAC unit.

Pro tip: Avoid this problem by calling in a professional so they can do a routine tune-up and get your unit in tip-top shape!

3. Leaks Water

If you see a lot of water around the indoor part of your air conditioner unit, then you need to check the drain pan. You can find the drain pan inside your casing. If you see a significant amount of standing water in the pan, you may have some overflow from a blocked condensate drain. Another possible cause of leakage is if you have ice on the evaporator coils. This issue is common with dirty coils or if you have refrigerant leaks. 

Pro tip: In both cases, you’ll need to hire a qualified technician to clear the clogged or remove the dirty coils.

We’re The AC Professionals You Want By Your Side 

If you find that your AC unit problem isn’t a quick fix, call a professional HVAC company. AC service technicians ensure that the AC repair gets appropriately done while extending your air conditioning unit’s life by several years. Air conditioning service needs to be performed as soon as you know there is an issue, so contact us today!

Stay Cool This Summer with Guin Service!

Let us help you troubleshoot and repair your air conditioning unit this summer! We proudly serve the Birmingham area, and our team is ready to assist you and your family with all your AC needs! Call us at 205-407-1754. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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