Cooling & Air Conditioning Contractor

Using the right cooling & heating contractor is important to ensure you get the quality results and savings you deserve. Guin Service is your dependable provider of HVAC services for home, business and industrial clients. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Guin Service has met the highest standards for superior skills and service.

We provide energy efficient heating and air conditioning solutions that help you maintain the perfect indoor environment all year long at the lowest possible cost. If your systems needs repair we are here to respond to your call and fix your problem quickly.

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Residential AC Repair & Maintenance

Our highly-trained technicians can handle all your service needs from licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs to immediate emergency response. Our GuinGuard Maintenance Plan ensures your system remains properly maintained and can help extend its efficiency and useful life.

Residential AC Installation

No other single system in your home plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be than your HVAC system. We install high-efficiency comfort systems designed to be the most cost-effective on the market and geared toward saving you money. We specialize in natural gas, electric furnaces, boilers, and gas and electric heat pumps.

Commercial AC

For our commercial customers, we offer dedicated staff to ensure ongoing system maintenance, warranty compliance, and quick repair. Our Commercial Maintenance Agreements can keep your building operating costs low and ensure you get the most from your asset.

AC System Design & Installation

We can install and/or design any type of heating, cooling, or air filtration system that you require in your commercial building. We specialize in retrofitting older buildings with new high-efficiency heating, cooling and air filtration systems. We will also install the systems in your new building from the ground up.

Dual Fuel System

It takes two fuel sources to be smart, flexible and efficient. A HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system combines the strengths of a gas furnace with an electric heat pump to deliver the comfort and efficiency you need year-round to give you more control over your utility bills.

Furnace types


A single-stage furnace has only one stage of operation, it is either on or off.[1] This means that it is relatively noisy, always running at the highest speed, and always pumping out the hottest air at the highest velocity.

One of the benefits to a single-stage furnace is typically the cost for installation. Single-stage furnaces are relatively inexpensive since the technology is rather simple.


A two-stage furnace has two stages of operation, full speed and half (or reduced) speed. Depending on the demanded heat, they can run at a lower speed most of the time. They can be quieter, move the air at less velocity, and will better keep the desired temperature in the house.


A modulating furnace can modulate the heat output and air velocity nearly continuously, depending on the demanded heat and outside temperature. This means that it only works as much as necessary and therefore saves energy.

The gas furnaces available in North America can be put into two categories: condensing and non-condensing.

  • Non-Condensing Furnace: A mid-efficiency furnace (80% and 90% AFUE) vents exhaust gases out of the home, typically through the roof.
  • Condensing Furnace:A high-efficiency furnace (90% AFUE or higher) utilizes a second heat exchanger to heat the air from condensed exhaust gases in order to reach higher efficiencies. A high-efficiency condensing furnace requires specialized venting.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you than outdoor pollution! People spend the majority of their lives inside their homes and buildings, so clean indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates and contaminants and the right level of humidity is more important for day-to-day health and comfort.

Air Quality Product Installation

Our indoor air quality solutions ensure that the air you breath indoors is as healthy as possible. Our indoor air quality technicians provide installations of air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air decontaminating UV lamps. We also detect CO2 levels inside your home and pinpoint their source. Learn more about indoor air quality.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that you can’t see, smell or taste, and can build up in enclosed spaces in your home. Our well-trained technicians know how to test and where to look for possible leaks and faulty equipment that can be contaminating your home and family with this deadly poisonous gas.

Call Guin Service today to take a step in the right direction for your family’s health.