Guin Guard: Winter Water Heater Maintenance

Wintertime spares no element of your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems from the effects of relentless cold, wind, and precipitation. Ensuring the warmth, comfort, and even the safety of you and your family requires vigilance to myriad items, such as water pipes, central heating, and, of course, water heater maintenance.

Here at Guin Service, we stress winterizing all of these essential home functions—including one that’s particularly important. Today, we’re focusing on winterizing and maintaining your water heater. 

While it’s important to also check on your water heater prior to the winter months, midwinter maintenance ensures that your heater is free of dormant or budding problems. Showers, dishwashers, sinks, you name it—your water heater is the source. The last thing you want during the coldest days of the year is to suddenly go without hot water. 

Common Winter Water Heater Woes

The good news regarding winter water heater maintenance is that similar issues tend to crop up. Guin Service’s professional technicians use prior knowledge and experience to sniff out these typical winter water heater woes. Five of the most common parts that require maintenance include:

  • Temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Anode rod
  • The tank itself 
  • The thermostat

The tank often needs insulating or flushing. The anode rod needs inspecting, as corrosive elements and rust can compromise the tank, which the anode rod protects against. The thermostat may need to be adjusted so your water isn’t too hot or too cold. This will help to compensate for weather or internal home conditions. Most importantly, winter water heater maintenance is a small price to pay to prevent potential disasters. Poor maintenance can cause flooding and other related plumbing damages to your property. 

Many of our customers have been tempted to perform maintenance themselves. Remember, these tasks require a great deal of knowledge, experience, and patience. Even those in possession of such traits may find it difficult to fit these chores into their busy schedules without feeling hurried. Far from a matter of skill and competency, calling a trained professional out to Guin Service’s wide service area provides an expert perspective. 

Guin Guard Guarantees Maintenance Throughout the Cold of Winter

We have long offered our patented Guin Guard program, which comes with the Guin Guard Guarantee: routine visits for your entire plumbing and HVAC systems. 

For a more than affordable price, homeowners, landlords, and property owners alike gain access to round-the-clock maintenance and repair. Our Guin Guard program is one of the main reasons so many people in the greater Birmingham area and beyond choose Guin Service. Nowhere else will you find greater value—and when it comes to winter water heater maintenance, Guin Guard is priceless. 

Following a water heater leak, a total shut down, or any other serious problem with related plumbing systems, the difference between half an hour and a few days is enormous. Guin Service stakes our reputation on immediate response. Guin Guard allows you to make that call without worrying about the cost. 

From basic maintenance and repairs to urgent matters, Guin Guard ensures that countless Guin Service customers have coverage of water heater maintenance and general plumbing systems during the winter months. 

Guin Service: Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services in the Birmingham area

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