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High Quality Indoor Air

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 90% of Americans spend their time indoors, and a growing body of research shows that indoor air can be more heavily polluted than the outdoor air in large, industrialized cities.

At Guin, we stress the importance of clean, high-quality indoor air. From air filters recommendations to replacements, we work with our clients on the proper steps to ensure they’re breathing the healthiest air possible.


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Indoor Air Services

  • Air Purification
  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • In-Duct Air Purification
  • Duct Cleaning

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Checkout our financing options!

Indoor Air Quality Services

Air Purification

A home air purifier can protect you and your family from unwanted pollutants that can lead to allergies, asthma and an increased likelihood of colds and flu. Although you keep your home clean and tidy, polluted air can cause a significant negative impact on the quality of your home and its inhabitants.

Unlike other portable purifiers, a home air purifier can be installed as part of your heating and cooling system, ensuring your entire home is purified — not just in one room.

Common indoor pollutants your purifier can eliminate:

  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria

Guin offers high-quality air purification systems from Aprilaire. Since 1938, Aprilaire has been a leader in indoor air quality solutions, offering a fleet of home air purifiers and much more. Learn more about Aprilaire’s home air purifying systems by clicking here.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

A humid home can lead to an increase in dust mites, bugs, and mold. Electing to install a dehumidifier can:

  • Protect furnishings and belongings from mildew and rot
  • Decrease the “musty smell” from your home
  • Reduce the growth of allergens, such as mildew, dust mites, and mold

However, overly dry air in the home can lead to respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma symptoms. A humidifier can help preserve wood flooring, furnishings, cabinetry, and other items in your home susceptible to damage from dry air.

Guin can provide guidance on the correct humidifier or dehumidifier that’s right for your home. A certified Aprilaire dealer, Guin offers a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers for every budget and lifestyle.

Contact us today to learn more about our current offerings.

In-Duct Air Purification

In-duct air purification is the next-generation of indoor air quality technology that uses a cutting-edge UV light system to purify every cubic inch of air your condition system processes. Effective against the three major categories of indoor air pollutants: particulates, microbial and gases, an in-duct air purifier can significantly reduce pollen, mold spores, dander, and dust.

Guin offers the REME Halo, an award-winning air purifier from RGF Environmental Group, Inc., that complements most central heating and air condition systems. The REME Halo’s inventive design recreates nature’s process of purifying the air; it’s like bringing the fresh outdoor air inside.

Learn more about the REME Halo by clicking here.

Duct Cleaning

Guin also offers duct cleaning for central heating and air conditioning systems. Powered by Ramair’s cutting-edge duct cleaning equipment, our trained technicians can clean your ducts, removing dust and debris swiftly and effectively, allowing you and your family to breathe better. Routine care of your ducts will ensure your family isn’t exposed to harmful air pollutants. Call us today to learn more about our duct cleaning services.

Guin Service: A Leader in Indoor Air

In today’s society, poor indoor air quality can mean significant problems to your home’s wellbeing. Guin Service, LLC, provides comprehensive indoor air solutions tailored to your family’s unique needs.

When you choose Guin, you’ll receive top-notch indoor air products, exceptional customer service, and installation and replacement of all air filters and products.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you breathe better.