Guin Guard: Winter Water Heater Maintenance

Wintertime spares no element of your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems from the effects of relentless cold, wind, and precipitation. Ensuring the warmth, comfort, and even the safety of you and your family requires vigilance to myriad items, such as water pipes, central heating, and, of course, water heater maintenance. Here at Guin Service, we stress winterizing all of these essential home functions—including one that’s particularly important. Today, we’re focusing on winterizing and maintaining your water heater.  While it’s important to also check on your water heater prior to the winter months, midwinter maintenance ensures that your heater is free of dormant or budding problems. Showers, dishwashers, sinks, you name it—your water heater is the source. The last thing you […]

Plumbing and heating: preparing your home for the holiday season

  It’s true, the winter season is on its way. In just a couple of months, we’ll be wondering where summer went already. But with winter comes some of our favorite days of the year, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve.  And when it comes to the holidays, we here at Guin can’t stop thinking about one thing: that all those family meals and celebrations sure do take a toll on the house.  Today, we’re going to talk about how to prepare your home for these holiday activities. With the family gathered around the fire, your house uses more water and heat. So let’s go over a few of the house’s most important utilities, and how you can gird them […]

Prepping your heating system for the winter

  As we move along Alabama’s beautiful mid-autumn months, we can be lulled into feeling that the weather is only becoming more cooperative as time goes on. With the sun softening, the humidity lifting, and dusk still mild, on the horizon awaits the brutally cold months of winter.  While our heating systems remind us of the marvels of modern amenities, the lack of such reminds us even better–but for the worse.  And yet, to enjoy the wonder that is your home’s heating system, you must take care of it. Heating systems across Birmingham have been dormant for months, enduring changes in temperature and bouts of heavy storms. Anything idling for that long requires a tune-up!  You can rest well knowing […]

The Benefits of Having a Water Softener

Hard water is an issue that we all run into at some point. It can silently destroy your plumbing if you aren’t proactive about finding a way to make your water supply softer. There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to your home’s water supply. It may contain minerals and debris that are not great for your home and health. Hard water is said to be in 85% of homes nationwide. If you have ever noticed a problem with frequently clogged drains, corroded piping, or even an adverse change in your skin and hair, it may be time for a water softener. In this article, we will break down what hard water is, the purpose of […]

Are Tankless Water Heaters Really Worth the Hype?

How do you know when it’s the right time to upgrade to a tankless water heater? One sure sign is if your current tank water heater is leaking. Another is that it’s no longer heating the water as it should. Maybe everything is still working perfectly, but your tank water heater is simply not meeting your capacity needs. Many people upgrade to a tankless water heater when they get tired of waiting for the water to heat back up. Doing  laundry, running the dishwasher, and trying to bathe all of your kids is easier with endless hot water. Access to unlimited hot water is a great reason to upgrade your water heater, but there are several other benefits that you […]

Which Water Heater is Right for My Home?

Major appliances break, it’s just a reality of homeownership. However, you may replace a functioning water heater if you need more capacity, want something more energy-efficient, or want the water to heat faster. This month we’ll look at when you should replace your water heater and how to choose the best new appliance for your home and family. We’ll also discuss water heater maintenance that can extend the life and improve the performance of your new heater.   Signs That You Need a New Water Heater There are two main reasons a homeowner would purchase a new water heater: The current water heater isn’t working as it should. Water consumption has outgrown the water heater’s capacity. Here are some signs […]

Is It Time to Replace My Water Heater?

Whether you have a house full of company or it’s just your average Thursday, there’s never a convenient time for your water heater to malfunction. The professionals at Guin will help you find the best solution, whether you need a simple repair or a replacement.   Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement Not all water heater issues signal the need for a repair, and not all replacements are the result of a malfunction. Telltale signs that something isn’t right with your water heater include: The total absence of hot water. If the water gets hot, but it doesn’t last as long as it used to.  Water pooling on the floor around your water heater or water droplets on the ceiling underneath […]

New Year’s Resolutions: 7 Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills in 2019

By Joseph Braswell, Owner Eat healthier, get more exercise and save more money are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions. While we can’t help you eat a healthier diet or hit the gym more often, what we can do is help you save money. “How,” you ask?   Well, there are actually some very easy ways you can start saving on your utility bills today. As the year comes to a close, now is the perfect time to take steps to reduce both your energy and water usage.   7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills Today There’s not one homeowner out there who doesn’t want to cut down on the utility bills. Here are some great […]