How You Can Lower Your Energy Bills by Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape

Do you want to lower your energy bills while extending the life of your air conditioning unit? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably answered yes, but you’re not exactly sure how. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to be an HVAC expert to keep your AC performing its best. There are many things you can do to keep your AC in tip-top shape, and your home perfectly cooled during these hot summer months. Just follow our recommendations below to make your AC’s job easier, and your energy bills lower.

  • Change Your Air Filters Regularly – Dirty air filters can restrict the airflow from the AC, meaning large buildups of dirt and debris will make your AC work twice as hard to cool your home. To avoid this issue, check your filters about once a month, especially during the summer when you’re using the AC every day, and change them out as needed.  
  • Check Your Outdoor Unit – You’ll also want to keep your outdoor, or condenser, unit uncovered and free of debris. This is where all the heat from your home is pushed outside. If it’s covered up, it’ll just have to work that much harder, and take that much longer, to cool your home. Simply cleaning around the area and cutting vegetation back away from the vents can ensure the unit has the airflow it needs.
  • Ensure Ductwork Is Insulated – This is something you’ll want a professional to check at your next scheduled maintenance visit. Wherever the ductwork runs through unconditioned spaces, your HVAC professional will need to make sure it’s sealed so that it isn’t leaking out any conditioned air. These leaks cause your AC to overwork, leading to you wasting money on energy bills.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance – Annual maintenance is probably the best way to keep your AC in tip-top shape while lowering your energy bills. With a regular maintenance plan like Guinguard for commercial and residential spaces, you can have someone come out and check your unit regularly, and even get free labor and parts. Not only do maintenance plans like these save you money on upkeep, but they’ll help reduce your energy costs throughout the year.

By following the recommendations above, you’re going to help your AC run more efficiently, which means you’ll probably see a decrease in your energy bill. Of course, if you don’t think your AC is running optimally, there are plenty of other ways an HVAC professional like the ones at Guin Service, can take a closer look and get your AC in tip-top shape for the summer.