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Sewer Line 101: 4 Signs It’s Time For a Repair or Replacement

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. Families gather to celebrate and get much-needed rest from work and school. But a few things, including sewer line issues, can quickly dampen anyone’s holiday cheer.

Sewer line problems are messy, unpleasant, and often disrupt daily life. To avoid any wintertime fiascos, the experts at Guin Service discuss signs your home needs a sewer line repair or replacement. If you notice any of these sewer line red flags, reach out to your local plumber to keep your home in tip-top shape for the holiday season.

1. Old Age

A few factors impact sewer line longevity, including the type of line material, the age of your home, items being disposed of in the line, and environmental factors. While many of these factors are case-by-case, you can determine your sewer line’s life expectancy based on its material.

On average:

  • Clay pipes last 50-60 years
  • Cast iron pipes last 60-75 years
  • PVC pipes last 100 years or more

If your pipes are well beyond their life expectancy, we recommend contacting a plumber to inspect them. A premature pipe analysis can help you avoid any midnight plumbing disasters.

2. Frequent Clogs

If your pipeline is constantly getting clogged up, it may need to be professionally repaired or replaced. Hair, toilet paper, and other debris can quickly get backed up in your plumbing system, but thankfully, you can sometimes solve these clogs at home with a plunger.

But, if you’re frequently unclogging backups, you may have an issue further down the line. Likewise, if you’re experiencing a backup sewer line that you can’t seem to fix, don’t hesitate to call the professional for backup to avoid an even bigger problem.

3. Large Trees

Large trees, specifically their roots, commonly cause sewer line problems. Tree roots can wrap around pipes, causing detrimental cracks in your home’s plumbing pipes. Because trees need water to survive, they’re attracted to your water-transporting lines.

If you have a tree planted on top of your sewer line, it may be beneficial to seek advice from a plumbing expert. The tree may have already infiltrated the line and need to be removed. If you’re thinking about planting trees in your backyard, plant them away from your sewer line. Or, speak with your technician about installing barriers to protect your pipes from mother nature.

4. Sewer Line Burst

It may seem obvious, but amidst holiday chaos, plumbing problems can slip our minds. If you observe anything out of the ordinary regarding your plumbing, make a note and contact a local plumber.

Some signs of a possible sewer line burst include:

  • Standing water in your yard
  • Damp spots in your basement
  • Foul smells in your yard
  • Overgrown grass or shrubs in your yard
  • Unusual sounds while flushing the toilet

These occurrences are signs of a possible sewer line burst, which may require a sewer line repair or replacement. However, a certified plumber can analyze, diagnose, and provide a solution for your sewer line.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Service You Can Trust

Don’t let a sewer line disaster ruin your festive season! Various factors can warrant a sewer line repair or replacement, from suspicious noises to large trees to old age.

If a plumbing catastrophe does occur over the holidays, or you notice any of these signs, contact the professionals at Guin Service. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service, so you can spend your time enjoying family and friends—not worrying about your sewer line.

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With over 60 years of experience, our team can tackle any plumbing problem. We offer 24/7 emergency service within our area and will ensure the job is done correctly. Call us at 205-407-1741 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with Guin Service today!

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