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How To Tell If Your Home or Business Needs Emergency Services

What could be worse than having your air conditioning go kaput in the middle of an Alabama heatwave? How about stepping out of bed in the middle of the night for a glass of water, only to find yourself ankle-deep in water? 

These are considered emergency repair scenarios, and they’re more common than you think! At Guin Service, we specialize in those panic-induced repairs that need to happen so you and your family can sleep through the night in the comfort of your own home. 

We also include commercial customers in our emergency services offering. Your business should have the same peace of mind as your home. And emergencies are bound to happen. 

That said, we do encounter many questions about what constitutes an emergency repair service, and we’ve broken it down for you. 

If you feel like you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, don’t hesitate to call. 

How Do I Know If My Problem Is An Emergency? 

Does the problem make it difficult or impossible for you and your family to go about your regular routines in comfort? 

From plumbing to your HVAC system, your family and employees rely on these systems to be in working order more than you think. If you can’t complete your day-to-day tasks because of an issue, it’s considered an emergency. 

Does the problem put your family in harm’s way? 

Being without AC in the summer or heat in the winter can be dangerous. Likewise, a leak near something electrical can be a recipe for disaster. If the safety of your family or team is compromised, it is definitely an emergency repair. 

Is the problem causing major damage to your home? 

If major repairs will be in order once this problem is fixed (perhaps replacing walls or floors), it is considered an emergency repair. Call us before any more damage happens to your home or business. 

Will you have to find somewhere else to sleep? 

If the problem is bad enough to be unable to sleep in your own home, it is severe enough to warrant emergency repair services. Even if the problem is that you’re unable to cool down your bedroom, give us a call. 

Call Guin Service For Emergency Repairs

We currently offer emergency repair services for your: 

  • HVAC
  • heating
  • plumbing
  • generators

Anyone could need emergency repair services, no matter if they’re a commercial or residential customer, and we’re very proud to offer these services. Our repair services are available to anyone within our service range, and we have an on-call technician ready to assist you. 

Our emergency services are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We know that emergencies aren’t always responsive to normal schedules.

Contact Guin Service, LLC, serving Birmingham, Hoover, and Mountain Brook, AL, for AC Repair or Replacement as well as home generator installation. We’ve been in business for 60 years because we do what’s right for our customers. You can always trust us to be honest and have your best interest in mind. Just give us a call today at 205.407.1737.

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