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The top five benefits of ductless air conditioning

It feels like spring just arrived, and yet, already, we’re halfway through April. That means it’s time to talk air conditioning! More specifically, we are going to talk ductless air conditioning, its benefits, and how we can help you get it installed. Here at Guin Service, we offer everything from installation to maintenance. Plus, you can always count on us to consult with you on any issues, including all your air conditioning needs. 

Ductless air conditioning systems, as you might imagine, do not require any ductwork. These air conditioning systems are simply mounted on the wall, supplying cool, quiet air conditioning to your home. Just a couple of units can provide all the cooling you need!

How does ductless air conditioning work?

Ductless AC, often referred to as mini-splits, hooks individual cooling units to an outdoor compressor. Each unit’s refrigerant-coated coils absorb the room’s warm air from the room. This warm air then flows to the outdoor compressor for release.

Compare that to a conventional central cooling system. Lengths of convoluted ductwork carry cool and warm air to and from a single unit. Simplicity is just the beginning of the ductless system’s benefits. Let’s take a look at more. 

Top Five Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning arm here at Guin Service has installed countless ductless systems. The benefits are enormous. Let’s take a look at five of their best elements. 

More efficiency means more savings

Why don’t we go ahead and start with, perhaps, the most significant benefit: efficiency and savings. 

Earlier, we spoke of central air conditioning’s complex system of ductwork. Central cooling requires far more energy to transfer all that cool air to every room in the house. Ductless systems simply absorb warmth and transfer it outside, leaving the room cool and cozy. 

And greater efficiency means greater savings. The estimated energy savings of ductless systems are as much as 20-30 percent!

Easy installation

In contention with cost savings is ease of installation. One of the biggest deterrents to switching over systems is the headache involved. With ductless AC, installation is a breeze–no pun intended.  

Guin Service’s ductless air conditioning team can send out an installation unit and have it installed in your home in just a day, for smaller homes and apartments, or two, at the most, for larger, more complicated houses.

Better control of individual room temperature

Central air conditioning leaves you with one choice: the temperature you dial into the thermostat. Ductless air conditioning provides each room with an individual unit. That means Dad can keep things ice-cold as he works out in the basement, while the rest of the family keeps things chill as they attend to homework and house chores. 

Better yet, you’re able to shut down specific units when a room isn’t in use. Why spend money cooling the entire house when you’re only sleeping in the bedroom? That’s eight hours of savings!

Easier and less costly maintenance

The intricate web of ducts and vents winding to and from central AC systems makes maintenance as much a chore as installation. 

Ductless AC allows our team far better access to all maintenance issues. The system is more straightforward, more accessible, and easier to manage. And with our GuinGuard program, you get double the savings! GuinGuard provides a maintenance program that includes regular inspections of your ductless air conditioning system, along with heating and generator systems. 

Moreover, ductless air conditioning simply requires less maintenance overall. Why? Because it requires less energy and power. Like the difference between a golfer and a football player, ductless air conditioning simply doesn’t expose itself to as much force. 

Ah, the peace and quiet…

One of the underrated benefits of ductless air conditioning is serenity. Central HVAC systems really churn and burn. Ever have to turn up the volume during a movie every time it gets cranking–only to turn it down again once it’s done running? 

By simply absorbing the heat and transferring it out of the room, ductless AC is quiet as a mouse. You will hardly notice as your rooms maintain the cool, even temperature that you desire. 

Those are just a few of the benefits of ductless AC systems

The benefits of ductless air conditioning are seemingly endless. Ductless AC also saves space, improves the air quality of your home, and doesn’t turn on and off abruptly when the room needs cooling or properly cooled, respectively. 

The list goes on and on. So take some time to check out our ductless air conditioning services here at Guin, and give us a call today! 

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