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The Top 5 Most Preventable Plumbing Problems

If you’re currently facing a significant plumbing issue, you’re not alone. Specific plumbing problems are common enough that every homeowner is likely to deal with one sooner or later. But what do you do when there’s a drip here and a clog there? 

Fortunately, not only are most plumbing issues human-made, but they’re easily human-solved. Learn about common problems homeowners face when it comes to pipes, drains, and beyond.  

Problem #1: Clogged drains and toilets

Clogs can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re doing your business, and the next minute, the toilet overflows. Or, you notice the water creeping up your ankles and legs while in the shower. You’ve got a clog. 

Clogs do frequently happen for many homeowners, but they’re also easily prevented in most cases by ensuring you only flush or put items down a drain (whether in your kitchen, bath, or toilet) that are easily broken down by the water. 

Food, hair, feminine products, paper towels: none of these things should make it down the drain, period. Educate your family on the dos and don’ts of healthy pipes. 

Problem #2: Shower caddies or too many products on the ledges of tubs and showers

While convenient to be able to have access to all your products in a shower or bath area, one problem we frequently see is a caddy that is simply too heavy for a showerhead. It puts undue stress on the showerhead and can even cause cracks in your walls. 

Likewise, too many products on ledges of your bath or shower area near a wall can accumulate water and cause damage to the tub or shower or even mold. 

Keep as few products as possible in your shower area and don’t load up caddies with more than they can handle. Ideally, find a caddy or shelving system for your bath or shower that doesn’t hang on your showerhead. 

Problem #3: Over-utilizing drain cleaners or harsh cleaning products

Using chemicals, cleaning agents, and harsh drain cleaners seem like an easy and ideal solution for dealing with clogs or slow-flowing pipes. But, repeated use can do more harm than good. 

How? These abrasive cleaners can erode your pipes or cause damage from the inside out, leading to leaks or damage to your home. They consist of chemicals that simply do not mesh well with residential plumbing systems

We recommend a professional cleaning and inspection to properly get rid of any significant clogs in your plumbing system. 

Problem #4: Leaking pipes

We all love a shower with the perfect amount of water pressure, but if you’re a fan of strong water pressure, you could be causing leaks in your pipes. 

More substantial water pressure flowing throughout a house accounts for many leaking pipe issues we frequently see. Make sure you’re using the right kind of pressure. Don’t know what that should be? One of our professionals will advise you. 

Problem #5: Garbage disposal issues

Broken garbage disposals or kitchen sinks with significant drainage issues are likely caused by food, plastic, or other debris getting caught in their systems. 

Make sure only liquids go down ANY drain in your kitchen, and if you regularly cook with fatty foods or grease, it’s important that you throw those solids away, instead of rinsing them out of pots and pans. 

Insist that anyone who does the dishes in your home follow protocol for what goes down the drain and what is thrown away. 

Call Guin Service for Your Emergency Plumbing Issues

No matter what plumbing issues you’re facing, know that the professionals at Guin Service have seen it all. From clogs to leaks to broken disposals, we can help you make the repair and let you know best practices for keeping your plumbing system in tip-top shape for years to come. 

Contact Guin Service, LLC, serving Birmingham, Hoover, and Mountain Brook, AL, for AC Repair or Replacement as well as home generator installation. We’ve been in business for 60 years because we do what’s right for our customers. You can always trust us to be honest and have your best interest in mind. Just give us a call today at 205.407.1737.

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