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Can ionizers make your home or business safer?

Here at Guin, we have been focusing a lot on air quality. In particular, we have discussed how to improve the air quality in your home and office. In past blogs, we have suggested particular home and office remedies to poor air quality. Today, we’d like to share our thoughts on ionizers.

The Benefits Of Ionizers

In our most recent blog, we mentioned that, according to the EPA, the air inside your house or place of business is 2.5 times worse than the air outside. An ionizer can help keep your home or business safe from various harmful particulates known as pathogens. An ionizer works by positively or negatively charging the air inside of your ductwork, and inside your home or your business, in turn helping your air filter work more efficiently. 

Ionizers actively kill pathogens in the air, like viruses, bacteria, mold, etc. This benefit comes without any cost to your health or comfort. Purely by changing the polarity of the air particles around you, ionizers destabilize harmful pathogens, neutralizing their ability to harm us. 

Better Indoor Air Quality At Lower Risk

Better indoor air quality is good for everybody, but especially for somebody who suffers from breathing problems, allergies, or anybody who cares about viruses or bacteria in the air. 

Air Quality Improvements Without Sacrifice

Not all air quality products are created equal. Scented products like essential oils or incense can be harmful to vulnerable populations and even pets. Ionizers allow you to get the heating and cooling you need without making additional changes to your home’s or office’s HVAC system

Safety At Its Safest

Ionizers are one of the safest things you can install in your home and business. They are installed in hospitals, schools, and government buildings throughout the world. Ionizers would not be used in some of the world’s most essential institutions without a complete bill of health. 

Finding the right ionizer for your property, home, or office means working within your budget. While ionizers aren’t found at the dollar store, they are worth every penny. There are many different kinds of ionizers, and lots of different applications, starting from a few hundred dollars, to over a thousand. The price is well worth it, however, when thinking of the long term savings: your health and quality of life, along with that of your family and coworkers. 

The last thing to remember about ionizers: it’s not an end-all-be-all cure to your air quality issues. It’s just one component that we can help you with here at Guin. So give us a call at (205) 595 4846 or fill out our online form today.

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