Summer Is Near: Let’s Talk Air Conditioning Installation

Here at Guin Service, it’s our job—and our passion—to consider all sorts of plumbing and HVAC scenarios. We dwell upon the darkest situations to ensure that you never meet their fate. One recurring nightmare that plagues our entire staff involves a hot Alabama summer in which one of our customers goes without proper air conditioning.  Terrifying! In all seriousness, making sure you’re prepared for summer is a very serious matter. Too many folks with precarious air conditioning units wait until the last minute—only to find their AC going out on the first May scorcher. Some AC units that have been working just fine may run into unforeseen issues at the worst possible time. Today, we’re going to talk about why […]

Air conditioning maintenance: late summer is the time

  As an experienced air conditioning and plumbing service provider, we know as well as anyone that things aren’t always as they seem. Despite so many parts to a single air conditioning system, all you see is the condenser unit–the box sitting outside your house. And yet, problems with your AC system most likely originate from any of the dozen-odd other parts. The same goes for what may seem like common sense when it comes to the timing of AC maintenance. For many, spring is the obvious choice for AC maintenance. It’s right before summer, just in time to make sure the air conditioning system is working before the days get long and hot and muggy.  However, our experience tells […]