Can ionizers make your home or business safer?

Here at Guin, we have been focusing a lot on air quality. In particular, we have discussed how to improve the air quality in your home and office. In past blogs, we have suggested particular home and office remedies to poor air quality. Today, we’d like to share our thoughts on ionizers. The Benefits Of Ionizers In our most recent blog, we mentioned that, according to the EPA, the air inside your house or place of business is 2.5 times worse than the air outside. An ionizer can help keep your home or business safe from various harmful particulates known as pathogens. An ionizer works by positively or negatively charging the air inside of your ductwork, and inside your home […]

How can UV lights keep my house or business safe

Despite the impacts of global emissions, indoor air quality remains far worse than the outdoors’. According to the EPA, the air inside your home or business is two-and-a-half times worse than the air outside. That’s far beyond significant, bordering on the extreme. Here at Guin Service, we’re doing everything we can to get the word out about this disparity.  But getting the word out doesn’t mean much without also offering solutions. In recent years, professionals have found one of the best ways to combat indoor air quality: UV lights.  Ultraviolet Light Kills Pathogens They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. Much of this is a result of UV light. Sunlight is chock full of ultraviolet rays, which are heavily filtered […]