From a perfectly cooked turkey to making sure your guests feel at home, it’s normal to have a bit of anxiety over everything going just right when it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving. Of course, one thing that can quickly make any Thanksgiving turn sour is a plumbing emergency. But have no fear, here are some easy steps you can take to avoid the most common reasons people find themselves calling a plumber on Thanksgiving.

#1: Clogged toilet.

How to Avoid: Ask your guests not to flush things like napkins or wipes down the toilet. It’s also a good idea to keep the top of the toilet tank clear so that nothing accidently gets knocked into the toilet bowl. In case one of your guest runs into a dilemma, you might even put a plunger in the bathroom so they don’t have to ask for one in front of a crowd.

#2: No hot water.

How to Avoid: Don’t let your guests take showers one after the other, and make sure there’s at least ten minutes, or more depending on your water heater, in between each. It’s also a good idea to wait to run the dishwasher until after your guests have finished showering.

#3: Clogged garbage disposal.

How to Avoid: Even though the disposal can handle small amounts of food waste, on Thanksgiving, it’s best to throw the majority of it away in the trash, especially starchy things like potatoes, turkey skin, or bones. On that same note, don’t pour grease, fats, or oil in the kitchen sick since they can clog up the pipes once cooled.

Although these plumbing emergencies are usually easily avoided, there are times when these things will happen despite your best efforts. When that’s the case, it’s always a good idea to call your plumber who can help you fix the problem quickly and efficiently and get your Thanksgiving back on track!

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