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Emergency HVAC & Plumbing Repair Services

Picture this – Its the middle of June. You and your family have just returned home from summer vacation. You’ve been driving all day and it’s hot outside, even for the evening. You walk into your home and that’s when you notice your HVAC system won’t turn on. No cool air is coming but your thermometer is letting you know its 88 degrees inside your house. What are you going to do to make sure your overheated family members are able to sleep comfortably throughout the night?

Picture this – It is the middle of January and snow has started to fall. Ice is forming on your roof and grass but your heater won’t turn on! It has fuel. There are no obstructions and the appliance isn’t even that old! The only thing your furnace is pumping out is a whole lot of nothing! it’s only getting colder.  How are you going to make it through the night without freezing?

Picture this – it is 3 AM on a Wednesday night. You awake from your sleep to hear what sounds like a river flowing through your home. That’s when you notice the broken water line near your water heater. Your home is now on the verge of undergoing some expensive flood damage repair. How are you going to get this issue fixed before it gets any worse?

These scenarios play out by the thousands, month over month, and are all too common for homeowners and renters. At Guin Service, we understand why there is a demand for emergency repair services, and we are proud to provide those services to our customers whenever an emergency may arise.

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Checkout our financing options!

Checkout our financing options!

Emergency Repair Services Right Near you!

Our emergency repair services are available to any of our customers within our service range. Our on-call technician is readily available to assist any customers with their emergency repair needs. From burst pipes to failing HVACs, we guarantee our emergency service will help resolve the problem so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep without having to worry about tomorrow! We service all of Birmingham and its surrounding communities, so when an emergency strikes and you need fast repairs contact us immediately!

Guin Service LLC has earned a reputation for quality service, effective maintenance, and unbeatable professionalism. When an emergency strikes and you need reliable, fast, and affordable repairs right now – call us first.  For over 60 years, Guin has been Birmingham’s source for heating, plumbing, air treatment, and emergency plumbing, heating, and cooling repair. Give us a call at (205) 595-4846 when an emergency strikes your home!

Common Questions about Our Emergency Services

What Qualifies as an Emergency Repair?

An emergency repair applies when there is a critical failure that is resulting in a complete malfunction of an appliance or if there is a risk of additional damage to your property. Essentially, if it can affect the safety and ability to inhabit a building, it is for certain an emergency.

What are Emergency Repair Hours?

Emergency repair are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, emergency repair calls usually occur outside traditional office hours. If you have an emergency, call our main number and you will be directed to an on-call technician.

Who can call for Emergency Repairs?

Emergency repairs are available to any of our customers. This includes both residential and commercial customers. Anyone in our service area can contact us for emergency repairs.

What Emergency Repairs Does Guin Do?

We provide emergency plumbing, emergency heating, emergency HVAC, and emergency Generator services for our customers.