While some of us are lucky enough to have a garbage disposal in the kitchen, not many people are aware of how to keep them in good shape. With the number one rule being to never stick your hand down there, lack of maintenance can leave you with a disposal that’s prone to clogs –  not to mention the foul smell that typically goes along with those clogs.

If you really want your garbage disposal to last, while also eliminating stinky smells, just follow the tips below. Not only are they incredibly simple, but they don’t require any special tools or cleaners. With minimal effort, you can have an optimally functioning garbage disposal for years to come.

Keep it clean.

You can keep the disposal clean by simply pouring in a small amount of dish soap down the drain and letting the disposal run for about a minute each time you do the dishes.

Use it regularly.

Rust, corrosion and even clogs are more likely to occur if the disposal isn’t used on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have anything to dispose, make sure you run it at least every few days to keep it moving.

Use cold water.

Run cold water at least 30-60 seconds after all the waste is gone. While cold water hardens foods, making them easier to grind up, hot water can potentially melt the food onto the disposal making it more likely to get stuck on the blades.  

Throw in ice.

Putting a hand full of ice in the disposal will knock off anything that’s stuck on the blades and also help keep them grinding properly. You can even go a step further and make ice cubes from lemon juice to really get a good clean, and a fresh smell, at the same time.

Cut it up.

Though tempting, you don’t want to shove a large amount of waste down the disposal at once. Trying to put large pieces of meat or fruit in there can overwork the disposal and even cause it to break. If you don’t have the patience to cut it up, the trash may be a better option.

Contact Guin Services for Garbage Disposal Repair in Birmingham, AL

By following the simple garbage disposal maintenance tips above, you can have a properly working disposal for many years. While these tips will greatly reduce your chances of having problems down the road, the team at Guin Services is here to help if you do run into any issues. Whether repairing, replacing or installing your new disposal, we’re your go-to for all your garbage disposal needs.