Summers in the Birmingham-metro area can be brutal: high temperatures, humidity, little rainfall. The last thing you want is for your air conditioner not to function correctly when the time comes. 

Keep your home and your family comfortable this summer by testing out your AC unit before peak summer arrives. 

Here are five things you can do to beat the heat of a harsh Alabama summer: 

1. Clean or replace your AC filters.

It may seem obvious, but so many people forget to change their air filters regularly. Most filters should be changed every three months, but some should be changed or cleaned more frequently if you have pets inside your home. 

The same is true if you or a family member has allergies. Dust, pollen, and animal dander, among other particles, can float around your home for weeks, or months, if improperly filtered out. 

A clogged or coated filter can also cause your AC to work overtime to circulate air. Set yourself a reminder to regularly change or clean your filters, so your home’s air is flowing smoothly. 

2. Check your outdoor unit for debris. 

Thanks to springtime storms, leaves, sticks, or other debris can often get caught in the outdoor unit. Your outdoor unit looks like a large metal box. Inside that box are fan blades. Sometimes, dirt and leaves can coat the fan blades, causing them not to work correctly. 

Anything inside or outside of your home that blocks airflow or reduces performance should be addressed immediately so efficiency can be improved. 

3. Remove anything blocking your indoor vents.

A primary culprit to AC units working overtime in the summer is being blocked by everyday household items. Toys, drapes, or furniture on top of or in front of vents can reduce airflow, causing your AC unit to work harder. 

Make sure to keep all vents inside your home free from obstruction. 

4. Know the age (and retirement age) of your home’s AC unit. 

When was the last time you thought about the age of your AC unit? Most units have a lifespan of about 15-20 years, depending on model and maintenance over the years. 

If your home is 15 years old or older, and you’ve never had your air conditioner replaced, it might be getting time to consider having your existing unit serviced and thoroughly looked over.

5. Call in an AC professional. 

There are many things in your home you can DIY, but dealing with equipment and systems associated with cooling your home might not be in your wheelhouse. Not to worry. Our technicians respond to both emergency needs and annual inspections, plus everything in between. 

Your residential air conditioning unit is too important to put off maintaining your systems properly. 

GuinGuard is here to help you get ready for summer

Before summer heat becomes unbearable, contact us to find out more about our GuinGuard program

With GuinGuard you receive: 

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Free labor on regular maintenance.
  • Standard maintenance parts replaced free of charge.
  • Priority service.
  • Air filters cleaned or replaced.
  • Check operating and safety controls.
  • Oiling and lubrication.
  • And much more. 

If you feel that GuinGuard is right for you, contact us today or fill out the form below. We’ll be glad to talk to you and answer any questions you might have about your AC. 

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